Quality & Know-How

Craftsmanship meets style.

Our workshop is located in the eyewear Venetian district famous all around the world for the achievement of up-market products, and the strength of our company is our ability to start with the conceptual idea of a frame, to draw the frame and then to finalize our product all under one roof. The concept idea is studied and developed by our technical office so that when the model is processed, thanks to sophisticated software for the production management, data and information for all the steps are clear and verifiable, allowing effective control of the assembly plant.


We use six workspaces where we obtain the semifinished product, that after the tumble finishing, assembly, adjustment and washing, is minutely controlled and packaged, always in-house. Moreover. all the components and the lenses that we use to create the finished product are Made in Italy, supplied by local companies in an area famous for frames and sunglasses manufacturing.

Our client’s needs are very important to us, and this is continually reflected in our ability to provide outstanding customer service.